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Lithium batteries have become an integral part of modern life, powering everything from smartphones to electric vehicles. With the increasing demand for these batteries, research into their design and performance is becoming increasingly important. This research is focused on improving the energy density and cycle life of lithium-ion batteries while reducing their cost and environmental impact.

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To obtain in-depth knowledge of existing battery solutions we leveraged connections in the battery manufacturing industry. We have sourced battery packs from over 45 different cell manufacturers.
This has enabled us to identify what we believe is the best combination of value and performance in a lithium iron phosphate cell and deliver it to the US market.

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Our Solution

After sourcing the best performing cells we implemented modifications exclusive to our product. This allows us to offer the best-performing product possible.

Low temperature
High Ruggedness
Long Endurance

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Independently Tested

All Lithium Unlimited Co batteries have been tested by professionals with years of experience in the verification of battery technologies.
The tests include verification of the capacity, discharge (“Cranking”) current and, of course, low-temperature performance. Conducted with high-quality data acquisition instruments this step ensures all technical specifications are met or exceeded.
This is the only way we can be fully confident in the quality of our product.
Tireless research and testing with analysis of the market and testing in multiple platforms identified what we believe to be the peak of in both value and performance.

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Low Temperature

All cells used in Lithium Unlimited Co products make use of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry. Our implementation was specifically optimized for low temperature operation. Nothing worse than going for a ride and your sled wont start!

High Ruggedness

High Ruggedness

Superior foam cushioning protects cells from shocks and vibrations making them ideal for applications in harsh conditions.

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Long Endurance

The structure of our batteries applies even pressure on the pouch cells which gives them longer cycle life in real-life conditions.

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