STA120-12.8 Lithium Battery


  • Nominal Voltage: 12.8V
  • Nominal Capacity: 120AH
  • Wh: 1536
  • DIMENSIONS MM: 398*175*188
  • CA: 1250
  • CCA: 950
  • Group : 95
  • Warranty: 5 year

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STASTA120-12.8 Lithium Battery Starter. Reliable 12.8V output and 120Ah capacity for versatile applications, ensure seamless power

The STASTA120-12.8 Lithium Battery Starter unleashes maximum power with its dependable 12.8V output and impressive 120Ah capacity, catering to diverse applications. Its robust design and advanced safety features ensure secure operation, making it ideal for off-grid adventures, marine vessels, and backup systems. With effortless installation, this starter kit delivers reliable energy storage, empowering your journey with seamless power delivery. Whether you’re exploring remote destinations or managing daily tasks, rely on the STASTA120-12.8 Lithium Battery Starter to keep you powered up and ready for any adventure. Maximize your power needs with this essential energy solution.

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 12.24 × 7.9 × 8.9 in

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